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Brick Pavers, Concrete & Stone in Bonita Springs, FL

Known for our quality job performance and competitive pricing, American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing can provide your brick pavers, stamped concrete and all natural stone with the protection it needs to enhance their true colors and extend their life.

Our team of professionals, here at American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing will pressure clean to remove dirt, grime, algae and old sealants. Then using our environmentally friendly sealant, designed specifically for use in Southwest Florida, we will protect your paver, concrete and stone surface from algae, efflorescence and staining from grease and oil.

The perk to our protection is our sealant enhances the true color and pumps new life back into them. Our process can rejuvenate an old driveway, walkway or pool area and give them a “like new” appearance.
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Patios — Paver Cleaning in Naples, FL
Pavers — Paver Cleaning in Naples, FL
Leaving your brick pavers, stamped concrete and all natural stone unsealed opens them to the elements, literally. This material is porous and as such will absorb anything that comes in contact with their surface. Sealing them protects the surface by repelling and eliminating the absorption of water, stains, mold and mildew spores. In fact, sealing acts as a sunscreen to protect and preserve.

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